Wedding Videos Essex

Dont Panic...

Hi all..

These are upsetting and sad times for the wedding industry and heart breaking for the loverly couples and having to rebook their wedding day.


As a wedding videographer in UK and Essex and we have all know of the problems the Corona Virus is having on photographers and wedding bookings.

Well I want to assure you all in this upsetting time, your date may have to be rebooked by yourselves or your wedding venue may want you to rebook due to the distancing advise set by the government and I am happy to take your call to rebook your date or even give you some advice.

Please get in touch as soon as if you are having to rebook your wedding day.

If you want to talk to me please email me or call me for some advise on what to do.

Advice: if your moving your date wedding date due to the Coronavirus...


If you are re-booking your wedding date, my advise is to get a couple of dates available to you and while you are in the meeting call the main suppliers.. i.e Photographer, Videographer and catering and all the important vendors you want for your day and get their availability there and then and then book the date.

Kind regards