Commercial filming and shows

Commercial filming.

A lot of companies need videos for their website and that's where we can help.

Everything we see is on a phone, TV, Computer and the internet and some companies need to get their message to you and why not send if out to the world with a short movie or corporate video.

An indie film.


independent director Named "big Al" contacted me and said would I help out with filming a short movie, this is the trailer to the indie film that's about 1940 gangster's.

Of course I jumped at the idea and after a few meetings and cast screen tests I was given the roll of director of photography.

We filmed in London at various locations including themed bad and hand made sets.

The indie film was only about 12 mins long, but I learned so much more in the aspects of filming, including sound, lighting and editing.

Since the filming of this short screen play, it has been entered into a few film festivals and one was in L.A, Yes America.. 

Internet TV.


Vlogs and internet TV has come along way into our main stream, with daily viewing.

We shot 8 episodes of a awesome tattooing shop.. I say shop these guys were producing a brand for their business.

The idea was to shoot a vlog but after a few chats and swapping of ideas, we came uo with the idea of a vlog style TV show.

The tattoos were unreal in the way of what the artists can do, and their flare came out in the filming too, which made great viewing.

So these are a couple of my fav episodes.

Charity Films.

Shot for the Essex air ambulance motor cycle run in Harwich.

If you have a charity and you could do with some help, drop me a line and I could poss help out.