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Why choose i-VIDEO

Thanks for stopping at my site.

I'm Marcus and as many year as I have been filming and even longer I have been a photographer.

I started filming around the time I was 15 years old and have also always taken photographs.

As I started filming with different types of cameras and progressing my skills, I started using my photographic techniques and adding it to the way I film, it seams to give a film/ cinematic perspective.

A Day in the Life of a Wedding Videographer

It all starts the day before with cleaning the lenses and charging the batteries and sorting out my camera bags and flashes. Preparing and getting ready for the wedding day is a big part for me as is shooting a wedding day itself. Whether it is in local Essex or London or somewhere international, I am always early to leave as I don’t want to get held up with traffic.

We Arrive.

At the bridal prep and greetings and getting to know the bridal is essential,

take for instance Gosfield Hall in Essex, we introduce ourselves in the cottage where the bride is first getting ready, but we will go and get some location shots in and around the hall, we than wait until the bridal party has moved up to the dress room which is fantastic, with 10ft high mirrors and roman marble pillar and of course the 4 poster bed.

We wait until then as the location/ backdrop is beautiful, but whether we are at Gosfield Hall or at a bride’s home we can still get some fantastic photos, as you can see on this web page from some of the sample galleries.

The Boys

The groomsmen always arrive after the bride and mostly will be dressed already, but if not we have chance to get some of the boys getting ready of they are at the same location, sometimes they will get ready somewhere else and is not always possible to get shoot them getting ready, but we can photograph them as they arrive and they normally still have button holes and beers, of course if it’s a church and then maybe a beer for them is a bit later.

If it’s a church, hall, great manor house or even an outdoor wedding, pretty much all the timings and goings on are the similar, the only thing that’s different is the Bride & Groom, but as everyone’s different and the photos are always unique.

I like to shoot from the front to capture the bride walking down the aisle and then switch around to the rear of the venue to capture the sealing kiss ( the I do kissy bit ).

After the Ceremony

Usually the groups shots and confetti will happen and then the panic and stress and nerves will be gone, ( not by me the groom ), so he won’t mind his being filmed.

As the wedding video has changed over the years, I do know videos were boring so we upped the game to filming with style.

Your backdrop is essential and you can get married anywhere, Gosfield  Hall, Boreham House and so on, the video is a whole days affair and love producing a film rather than a video. we start from around 3 hours before the ceremony right through until well after the first dance.

The posy shots will be natural and as un-posed as possible as we want you to look natural, we use slow motion a with the natural light, can produce some stunning footage for your wedding film.

The Candid’s

We are also documentary film makers / journalists, i.e. we will capture your friends and family having fun and laughter at the drinks reception, as sometimes the most awesome photos are your friends and family being caught off guard and having fun, so we will be where the fun and happiness is, so we can capture more natural ongoings of your day too.

We don’t film while people eating but we come back in between courses, and the guests could have had something to eat and a couple of wines or beers and are much more relaxed.

The Dance

The first dance is the start of the party and the bride and groom are the first to the dance floor. We never hurry you to the dance floor and never rush your evening as your day by now should be and will be running smooth as we help you to relax, by working with and organise everybody alongside the wedding planner and DJ.

Then the dancing starts and I say let’s capture the dance floor.

Why i-film

I love to tell stories and what a story to tell, a wedding is not just nice captured images, it can and should be about the story of the day.

With photography you can tell a story but a lot of the photos you have to guess the story, but with filming you can tell the story by listening, you can hear the emotions in a voice and hear the joy of laughter.

and then once I have finished the editing, I feel proud of your film and believe it or not I get emotional as you should when you watch any film.

When you can film in places like Hylands House or Kew Gardens, the setting and back drop for your wedding film gives me goose bumps.

What i-Could do 

Your day is special and I can produce an awesome film for you to cherish, we shoot in 4k so your film will look great for years to come.

Weddings are back on!...

I can't believe we can all get married and have a big day.

Fun days for this summer at the moment we can have over 30 guests.

I think for this summer and coming season, more and more gusts will be allowed and the bigger wedding that we all want will be back.

Fingers crossed and lets film your wedding is style.

Weddings Travels

Traveling around the country for weddings and your ceremony excites me, as finding new places, buildings and believing in your unique ideas for your big celebration in a way to exceed normal wedding videos.

Why have a video when you could have a film!.